Soul Band

Soul music, as it is called truly heals the human soul with its graceful and heavenly notes. Soul music has also been one of the most influential music genre ever since it was said to have emerged in the 1950’s. Now as you may know, Jazz Revolution is a group of talented musicians coming from diverse backgrounds all gathered and united by a common bond or goal which is to play music professionally as Jazz Revolution and with this talented ensemble of Saxophone players, Trombone players, Trumpet players, and a drummer, is a very soulful singer.

Why get Jazz Revolution to play your all-time favorite soul music pieces? Just hop on over to the various kind reviews left by the very satisfied clients of Jazz Revolution--- all telling the tale of a great music played in their event, having the time of their lives, and a time well spent. This is because the members Jazz Revolution are not just musicians or performers, they have also been known as entertainer who are very accommodating to their clients.

 Bless your ears with a powerful and soulful performance from Jazz Revolution along with its touch of elegance that will leave your audience entranced and stuck in a happy moment as each note, and each chord delivered to you by Jazz Revolution melts the heart and warms the soul.

Jazz Revolution also takes its performance of soul music very seriously as they do with all their requests. They always make sure to bring their “A -game’’ when it come to every performance as Jazz Revolution knows that every event and occasion held by their clients is a moment and celebration worth remembering forever. Thus, when they perform hit songs from soul singers like The Jackson 5 with songs like, “I Want You Back”, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, and Give Love on Christmas Day” or songs from  The Temptations like, “The Way You Do the Things You Do”, “You’re my Everything”, and “Papa was a Rollin’ Stone”, You can always expect that Jazz Revolution will be completely ready to give you the soul performance that radiates down to our musical core.

Please note Jazz Revolution will also travel to Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Columbia SC , Charleston SC , Atlanta GA , Savannah GA , Virginia Beach VA , Richmond VA , Knoxville TN , Nashville TN , Louisville KY , Lexington-Fayette KY , Jacksonville FL , Miami FL


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